Custom Title Custom Body

We offer top-notch body modification and redesign with the only limitations being your imagination. Complete redesign and customization of body panels is available including both metal and fiberglass constructions. Any type of custom metal fabrication is available for your vehicle. We also provide custom frenching and diseaming work. Louvers and vents can be added or removed from your vehicle with ease. The possibilities are endless.

Service - Performance

Limitless performance upgrades are available for all English, Italian and German vehicles. Many engine performance replacements used are bolt-on which ensures quick service and vehicle return.

Some examples:

  • complete custom exhaust systems (includes headers and hundreds of custom tips to choose from)
  • intake assemblies
  • superchargers
  • turbochargers
  • computer chip upgrades
  • ECU upgrades

Other performance modifications are also available to engines such as:

  • cam shafts
  • crank shafts
  • light weight connecting rods
  • clutch assemblies and flywheels
  • modified fuel injection systems
  • upgraded ignition systems
  • and much more....
Service - Custom Interior

Our line of custom interior covers everything from carpeting to full custom interiors of your favorite material.

Some ideas are:

  • custom roof panels
  • interior embroidery work
  • interior structure redesign
  • custom seat placement and reshaping (make your seat fit like a custom tailored suit)
  • fully modified custom dashes
  • seat massager or heater installation
  • and much more...
Service - Custom Paint

We undertake all types of custom paint work projects. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Some examples:

  • solid colors
  • metallic's
  • mural and design airbrushing
  • and much more...
Service - Custom Wheels

Custom wheels for your vehicle include everything from one piece look-a-like stock rims to full blown custom 3-piece rims and tires. We supply all major brands of rims and tires for your vehicle.